Environmental & Waste Management

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LNL offers a complete line of remediation and field services — providing both an onsite and in-house manager for each project. Our experience and commitment to quality have made us one of the leaders in the remediation industry. We utilize the most technologically advanced methods available, always meeting and exceeding all safety and compliance regulations.


LNL is fully equipped to facilitate the transportation and disposal of drums, cubic yard boxes, totes, roll-offs, dump-trailers and bulk liquid tankers. We can also remove, transport and dispose of hazardous wastes and petroleum products in your tanks, as well as dispose of the containers themselves. Wherever there is waste, we will remove and dispose of the materials and ensure complete decontamination of the site.

Call on us to dispose of virtually any hazardous and non-hazardous waste:

• Air & water reactives

• Ammonia & phosphate fertilizers

• Flammables & corrosives

• Fuels

• Heavy metal-bearing wastes

• Industrial liquid wastes

• Oils & oily wastewater

• Off spec/outdated products

• Paint wastes

• PCB’s

• Refinery wastes

• Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)-listed waste

• Sludge

• Solvent wastewater

Like any valuable resource, soil must be properly managed in accordance with current regulations. LNL can help you achieve sustainable and cost-effective disposal and recycling solutions. Count on us for soil classification, gridding, sampling, transportation and disposal of all soils, and site gridding for disposal purposes.

• Transportation (union & non-union trucking options)

• Excavation & loading

• OER & NY DEC formal submittals

• Scheduling of trucking

• Waste approvals & facility

• Scheduling

• Generation of all required paperwork

Soil management services include:

• onsite project manager

• Pre-characterization grid

• Sampling plan

• Soil analysis data & facility

• Acceptance criteria evaluation

• Sustainable disposal options

In today’s world, it’s become ever more clear that companies need to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster situations.

Emergency services include:

• Cargo recovery

• Chemical spills

• Demolition

• Incident management

• Insurance claims

• Mercury cleanup

• Oil/fuel spills

• Post-fire cleanup

• Product transfers

• Remote opening capabilities

• Training

Single service


Our focus is on the provision of sustainable waste management
solutions in Nigeria using an approach based on best practices for
environmental resource management found in the leading economies.

• From safe and reliable waste collection, segregation, containment to
treatment for both residential and industrial waste, LNL has the
experience and capacity to meet your needs.

• As an agent of NESREA (national environment standardization
regulation enforcement agent), we conduct EIA (environmental
impact assessment) and other environmental protection and
rehabilitation services such as environmental emergency plan, etc

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