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With our growing network of associate consultants & member firms spread across strategic locations worldwide we ensure swift and rapid response to your needs & requirements. Our goal at LNL QHSE Risk Consultants is to provide effective risk-based solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment is a survey of a building to review the standards of fire safety. LNL QHSE CONSULT has detailed expertise in carrying out fire risk assessments covering all issues that would affect the level of fire safety including:

The type of Occupancy
The amount of combustible materials
The Escape routes
The Fire Safety Systems that are present (such as fire alarms)

The Fire Safety Equipment that is present (such as fire extinguishers)

We also have the expertise in-house to carry out site inspections and surveys of fire doors and other fire systems (such as fire alarm systems and sprinklers). Should upgrade work be required, we can assist in developing tender specifications for the work and inspecting the work once it is complete.

Thanks to our complete range of services, we can also produce fire safety plans, assist in developing fire safety management procedures or help in training staff.

As an integral part of Fire Protection System where life is more important than assets, we also integrate our fire evacuation system where this system decides evacuation path and make announcements accordingly.

We provide the entire range of:

  1. Evacuation Panel and its integration with Fire Panel
  2. Fire Escape Route Plans

We can assist in the preparation of Evacuation Plans. However, our experience is that no matter how good the plans are, when they need to be executed, circumstances have changed and there is generally a need for expert leadership on the ground to guide personnel through the evacuation

Best quality of Fire Escape Route Plan is provided by us to customers as per their requirements.

We believe we are one of the most trusted names in between the topmost companies in this domain, engaged in Health and Safety. This Fire Escape Route Plan is designed by our skilled professionals.

We bring forth our vast industrial experience and expertise in this business, engaged in providing Fire Escape Route Plan.


  • Widely preferred
  • As per client’s specification
  • Timely rendered


Development of HSE Policies & Procedures

• Risk Assessment and Process Safety Management

• Pre-Startup Safety Systems Review

• Gap Analysis and HSE Audits

• Provision of in-house and onsite professional HSE training (HSE level 1-4, First Aid, Food Safety, Fire Safety, NEBOSH IGC, Accident Investigation)

• Industrial and Office Safety accessories such as safety signs (regular signs and glow in the dark safety signs), first aid, respiratory equipment’s, etc.

• ISO certification process, ISPON membership registration, etc.

• Fire Risk and Workplace Ergonomics Assessment.

• Procurement and Supply of PPE and ancillary HSE equipment.

• Provision of diving equipment’s and other offshore safety equipment’s

• Occupational and public health and safety is one of our core services, we offer consultation services to this regard.

Organizations are recognizing that they need to continually up skill employees with new competencies to enable them to undertake new or existing roles and responsibilities more effectively.

The challenge to organizations is to identify where the skills gaps exist, what training is required and how to ensure that the training undertaken with reduced budgets actually meets objectives – and also provides the individual and organization with a return on investment.

LNL QHSE  helps organizations identify skills gaps and approach training in a holistic and, more importantly, cost-effective way. With QHSE International’s engagement with the public and private sectors, our experts will identify the skills gaps an organization will need to fill and recommend appropriate training solutions. Whether it is gaps in finance, governance, fraud, procurement, contract management, HR, Operations, business partnering or other skills, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done.


  1. Identify any gaps in your employees’ training,
  2. Offer a tailored learning and development solution that is at the core of your organizational development,
  3. Challenge your assumptions on what training is really required.

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