Renewable Energy – Solar Systems Design & Installation

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Renewable Energy – Solar Systems Design & Installation

We provide solar system installation following industry best practices, with the best international and local resources.

We provide Renewable energy solutions from design, supply and installation such as off-grid solutions for Residence and Industrial facilities, etc.

The Partnership with Etneo an Italian renewable energy and Robotics Company gives us the ability to create various types of renewable energy solutions, as they are one of the best in the world. As the need for more exploration of more sustainable energy resources increases, we are open to research, explore and produce more renewable energy resources. Furthermore we procure and install solar streetlights and various other low carbon emission sources of lighting.

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) – also called solar electricity, this proven technology will enable you to make and use your own electricity, as well as sell the excess to your power company (grid-tie system), store it at your location for later use (battery backup system), or do both (hybrid system).

Solar Hot Water (SHW) – this technology uses the sun to make hot water for domestic use or for space heating. These systems are comprised of a collector (flat-plate or evacuated tube), a storage tank, and a heat exchanger. The collector is mounted on the roof, and the storage tank is located near your home hot water tank. The two are connected in such a way as to allow the pre-heated water from the sun to flow into your domestic hot water tank.

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Other Regenerative Energies

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Small Wind – in areas where the wind resource is sufficient, installation of a wind turbine generator (WTG) can provide a significant percentage of your power needs. LNL can design and implement a WTG system for your location, or help you determine if your location is suitable for a WTG.

Small Hydroelectric – even a small amount of running water has the capacity to generate a significant amount of electricity, since water usually flows 24-hours per day,

Kits – We are pleased to provide raised garden bed kits and greenhouse kits to compliment the garden beds.

In LNL, we  can help you save money and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels:

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