Shoreline Protection, Erosion Control

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Irrigation & Lighting

Having the proper irrigation system in place is one of the key components to maintaining a beautiful landscape and yard. We know that no two designs are the same, and that’s why each irrigation plan is customized. Your plantings may vary in their water requirements, so we are very conscious about the types of water distribution, keeping your plants, trees and yard healthy and looking its finest. We also offer irrigation maintenance plans that include pressure testing and repair when needed.

Lighting is an element we are passionate about. Our lighting designers consider many things when it comes to outdoor lighting. First and foremost we think of lighting for safety – a poorly lit path or walkway can be dangerous at night. We then consider how lighting can illuminate your plantings, providing a soft glow so you can enjoy the colors of your plants, while star gazing into summer’s night sky. We use enhanced LED lighting that emits a warm light and is energy efficient in all of our lighting projects. If you are looking for lighting to showcase your home, we can install lights that provide just the right amount of brightness and focus. As a premiere landscape lighting company, we are ready to help you on your next project.

Shoreline protection and heavy duty retaining walls are our principal focus on the contracting side of our business but the following outlines the broader range of services we offer.

  • Water Cistern Installation
  • Driveway and Parking Area Installation and Maintenance
  • Custom Fabricated Steel Stairs
  • Revetments
  • Concrete Stairs


We are in partnership with ACE geosythetics a Taiwanese company,
the leading manufacturer of geosynthetic products in Asia, we are also
in partnership with Burnsville integrated services Nigeria limited, one
of the leading construction companies in Nigeria, they provide us with
all construction and heavy-duty equipment for our services. Together
we provide world-class shoreline protection services, soil treatment,
land reclamation and re-vegetation of washed off landscape.

• Our core concern is the provision of innovative and more vegetative
ways to control water flow around areas prone to flooding, or places
already battered with flood. We reclaim lands that have being washed
off by flood, the most organic way would be the use geosynthetic

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